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Volume 4, page 153, sitting number 4684.

Listed in the Silvy daybooks as the "daughters of the Countess of Leicester," these are two of the daughters of Thomas William Coke (1822-1909), 2nd Earl of Leicester, and his first wife, Juliana Whitbread. This marriage produced seven daughters, namely, Lady Julia Coke (1844-1931), Lady Anne Coke (1845-1876), Lady Gertrude Coke (1847-1943), Lady Mary Coke (1849-1929), Lady Winifred Coke (1851-1940), Lady Margaret Coke (1852-1922) and Lady Mildred Coke (1854-1941). Given the apparent age of the sitters in this portrait, I would presume that they are the two eldest of the seven girls.

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